Carrion Crown

The Deciever Part 3

Day 9

Day 9: The Morning After
Surveying the situation after the battle, the party noticed that there were empty trays outside of the Duke’s room. Fearing the worst, the party searched the manner and found the bodies of several of the manner staff, including the body of the maid the party had spoken to just the prior day. Searching further, Grimriver found the body of a young woman in a wedding gown. When Grimriver removed her veil, the body sprang to life and grew fangs! A battle ensued in which the the Vampire Thrall fed upon Grimriver, draining him of vitality, but Grimriver managed to slay the creature with his magical mace of undead bane! Searching further the group found another body and an undead cat, which Grimriver slew with impunity.
Searching the study room the party found the Duke’s journal and letters addressed to Lady Tenenbrae from Captain Quin of the town foreguard, the same captain that . Kendra found the letters odd since they covered only droll topics, and worked out that the letters were actually coded and revealed that the Lady and the Captain were having an affair. The letters further revealed that the Captain believed that the Lady’s daughter was his, and the Captain requested that the Lady visit him in a hamlet to the south. The party deduced that the hamlet was likely the same hamlet where they encountered the sandman.
The Bodine and Kendra ventured back to the inn to rest, while Grimriver made his way to the church to speak with the Mother Superior about the issue with Vampires and Dopplegangers, as well as Grimriver’s grudge against the Captain. Grimriver reached the chruch and inqured for the mother, but was told that she was in a meeting. Grimriver waited for several hours, and eventually the Mother emerged but accompanied by Captain Quin!
Quin orders that all innkeepers deny room and board to the Dwarfish Inquisitor, and the party seeks room at the church. Grimriver requests room for his party at the church and is granted it by an acolyte, but the acolyte requests that the party attend mass that evening at 8pm. The party agrees, and rests until mass that night.
After mass Grimriver sought a private audience with Mother Agnes and dined with her, expressing his concern about the disappearance of the Duke’s  and the Captian to the Mother. The Mother professed that she trusted the Captain and had known him for decades, and that she trusted him to protect the town. Grimriver cautioned the Mother about the captain and told her about the two guards that he had healed and been sworn to secrecy by the Captain, but she dismissed his concerns. Frustrated, Grimriver bid the Mother goodnight and left to join the rest of the party.
Later that evening the party reconvened and Kendra stated the she believed that the Duke’s doppelganger had visited a local, abandoned manner and the party agreed to investigate the manner that night.
At the manner, the group encountered a pair of dogs with unnatural glowing red eyes. The group dispatched the fiendish dogs, and found a mound of corpses in one wing of the abandoned manner. Exploring further the group encountered a group of ghouls, vampires and their thralls lead by an ancient Nosfaratu vampire! A fierce battle ensued with the battle, with the nosfaratu summoning a horde of rats that crawled over and .
Having defeated the evil Nosfaratu, the party explored the abandoned manner and found Duke Tenenbrae unharmed along with a group of five women, several of whom showed signs of having been fed upon by the vampires.
The party freed the Duke and the women, and upon further inspection found notes that suggested that the Whispering Way had conspired with the Vampires to take over the crypt under Fort Villad. The notes also stated that the Vampires had drained the life force of Wallguard Captain Rhasrakin and used it to “feed the ghoul pits underneath fort Villad”.

From teh letters teh Party gleaned the follwoing information:

From Oprexus (Necromancer)
The process has begun I have made the necessary arrangements in the crypt beneath fort Vhiled.

From Zurem (Vampire)
I have taken care to charm the guards and several ar enow thralls and will bring you needed supplies

From Oprexus (Necromancer)
once the spawn are prepared they will be at your disposal.

From Oprexus (Necromancer)
The town will be ours

They have no idea the magnificent experiments that took place beneath them by the Whispering tyrant. the crypt under Tamrevna Fortress has never been reclaimed.

I have taken over Rhasknins essence to fuel my experiments. His life force will feed the Ghoul spawn pit

I have deciphered form the Voices of the Void the needed components

The ghouls are creating problems some have escaped and maybe in the populace. I believe some have attacked the guards. We may have speed up our timeline.

From Zurem (Vampire)
The Duke has been subdued Xarcus (Doppleganger) has embedded itself in the Manor and will begin infiltrating the council.

From Oprexus (Necromancer)
Can Xarcus be trusted ?

From Zurem (Vampire)
He is a thrall and will do as I say.


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