Mopec's Vision from Pharasma

The Cleric Mopec received this vision whilst studying in the Pharasmin church in Carrion Hill. This vision lead him to the abandoned town of Felgrau after the heroes had defeated the evil necromancer Auren Vrood.

The visions open with a furiously darting ink quill that dashes out of a stream of words reading, “My Master, I shall stay in Feldgrau and build an army of corpses for our risen lord…”. The sentence fades, and after a brief flash, hands place the letter in an envelope and strike it with a wax seal, the symbol on the seal being that of the Whispering Way.

Another flash comes and the scene changes. Cultists can be seen scurrying around in the town square, exhuming bodies and raising an army from the corpses of Feldgrau’s dead.

After another flash, Vrood’s hands place three strange items into a chest – an iron-and-glass vial containing a swirling gray mist, a bloody heart inside a glass bottle, and a fragile skull composed of hundreds of bone fragments. Into a second chest filled with straw, he places a strange statuette of murky green stone depicting a grotesque, tentacled creature.

Another flash. Vrood gives the chests to two riders in dark cloaks on pale horses. “Ride to Thrushmoor,” whispers Vrood, “Our agent will exchange the Effigy for the relic we need.”

After a final flash, the vision fades.

Mopec's Vision from Pharasma

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