The Poem of the Carrion Crown

Unhallowed words cannot be spoken,

With whispered oath, death lies broken.
Shed fear, shed life, shed pain, shed time,

Eternity seized shall soon be thine.

First spirit torn from Grave-Lady’s grasp

Be rent and sown as soured ash.
Soft the spiral song reverses,

Judgment lost, damnation surges.

Keeper of the damned’s soul take,

With packlord’s heart the beast shall wake

And flesh be wrought in disarray
Stillborn cocoon, to blessed decay.

Seek out the essence of the betrayer’s rage
Even in war, death hath no cage.

Hunger rises from places of dark
And the Undeath-Lady’s servant seeks her mark,
Tear the pages of the gluttonous tome
And mix it with starved ghastly bone.

A hundred slain lie innocent, 

Grind bone and marrow to cement.

Craft now a skull of splintered graves, 

Unmake life, unmake the slave.

Where history churns madness to blister,

Necrophagous secrets whisper.

In dark depths the Old Ones dreams,
of power and madness of cataclysmic schemes
Down below the Crown atop a Carrion Hill lie,
Sever a piece of the Old One’s servants eye.

Through chronicles of Raven’s tongue
A legacy of fear unspun.

Darkness feasts upon blood of life,
Claim the ashes of one beheaded in strife.

Blood spilt atop the Iron Thorn

Invokes that which cannot be born.

Arise the Tyrant now unbound,

Bearer of the Carrion Crown!

The Poem of the Carrion Crown

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