Vision from Desna - God of Magic

After the heroes managed to defeat Mathus Mordrinacht and his band of demon-blooded werewolves; after forging a truce with the druidic were-wolf leader Cybrisa Dorzhanev of the Dorzhanev Clan; and clearing the ruins underneath the temple of the Vilkacis, the were-wolf spirit; the heroes re-claimed the Temple of Desna.

Both Arno and the Pharasmin cleric Drakkar, upon examining the temple itself, established that the temple had an artifact built into its very foundation called The Dusk Moth, and ancient item capable of contacting the God of Magic, Desna, directly. They believed that once cleaned and consecrated, the Dusk Moth would becomes active, but only for a single night due to the dwindling arcane energy within it.

After some study, Arno and Drakkar learned how to activate The Dusk Moth, but only with the assistance of the other heroes. The re-activation required the performance of a ritualistic ceremony which resulted in Arno, Drakkar, Kalissa, and Rurrt falling into a heightened dream-like trance. During the trance, the four are confronted by Desna herself.

The goddess thanked them for restoring and cleansing her temple and in reward for their deed, showed each of them a vision of the future.

First Vision:
They see themselves facing off against a black-robed necromancer wearing a bone breastplate as he stands before a ruined tower

Second Vision:
They see themselves fighting a terrifying, tentacled monster deep beneath the sea

Third Vision:
They see themselves confronting a beautiful female vampire spell-caster in an underground chamber

Last Vision:
They see themselves battling a decaying lich, blazing with arcane power, atop a high spire beneath dark, churning clouds.

Vision from Desna - God of Magic

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