The Gluttonous Tome


Runelord Zutha divined Thassilon’s impending fall and made contingencies to survive. He bound his essence into an eldritch book, the Gluttonous Tome, that was split into three volumes and entrusted to his three greatest servants. Thassilon’s destruction was more complete than Zutha anticipated, however, and the three books were scattered to the farthest corners of Avistan. If the three books are ever brought together, whoever possesses the reconstituted Gluttonous Tome will be possessed by the spirit of the undead runelord and Zutha will be free to plague the world once more.

Zutha, The undead lord of Gastash and Runelord of Gluttony saw the end in the stars just as his compatriots did and prepared accordingly. To ensure his vile soul’s return, the runelord crafted a tome of leathered flesh, bound in bone, and inked in the blood of a thousand slaves. The Gluttonous Tome was Zutha’s opus—the result of a decade’s toil and his plan to rise from the ashes of Thassilon.

Dividing his masterwork into three parts—each a potent artifact in its own right—the Runelord of Greed secreted the means of his resurrection away in three of his farthest-flung holdings, protected by the stewardship of his most devout servants. Thassilon’s cataclysmic end disrupted Zutha’s hopes of a swift return, though, as his minions deserted, died, or betrayed their master, resulting in the sections being scatted across Avistan. For millennia, the potent abjurations protecting its pages saved the parts of the Gluttonous Tome from destruction, with each having been lost and rediscovered countless times. Throughout the centuries the evil tripartite book has schemed to rejoin its pages.

The Gluttonous Tome

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